The Session
It's THE SESSION! The illest podcast in the world, distributors of fine hip-hop since 2009. Hear more at TheSession.NET and #TellaFriend

It's THE SESSION! featuring The Honorable Kreepy K. Pulit and Kid Anthem. New music this week from Yelawolf, Big KRIT, Slughterhouse, Eminem, and more! Tell a friend! 

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It's THE SESSION! featuring K. Pulit, Kid Anthem, and Tommy Buhama... PLUS the best hip-hop you'll hear all week. Tell a friend.

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It's THE SESSION! This week featuring new music from Big Krit, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Tyler the Creator, and more! Yeah, it's so incredible. This week's beats supplied by 6th Sense. Hosted by The Honorable K. Pulit and Kid Anthem. Tell a friend, STUPID!

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