The Session
It's THE SESSION! The illest podcast in the world, distributors of fine hip-hop since 2009. Hear more at TheSession.NET and #TellaFriend

It's The SESSION! This week, Bronx emcee Tommy Buhama stops by the studio, Millz gives out sex advice, nobody cares about Irv Gotti, and Kreepy tells you how he really feels about taxes. Plus the latest mixtapes, albums, and hip-hop news. And of course the illest hip-hop of the week. 

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It's The SESSION! This week, featuring special guest DJ Higgz, plus new music from Papoose, Action Bronson, Joe Budden, Styles P, Jon Connor, Termanology, Beanie Sigel, Isaiah The 3rd, and more. Tell a damn friend.

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It's The Session! featuring brand new music from Ill Bill, Mike the Martyr, Alchemist, Kendrick Lamar, & more. Plus we bring you up to date on which singers are being accused of rape, who's going to jail, which rapper had a seizure (or maybe it was a migraine), and of course all the upcoming albums and mixtapes. Tell a friend.

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It's THE SESSION! featuring special guests Major Millz, J Stacks and B Manz of Live Life Ent. plus ill new tracks from Kendrick Lamar, Jean Grae, Freeway, Smoke Dza, Birdcall, Prie, JT Money and much more. Tell a damn friend.

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It's THE SESSION! Tell a friend...

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Still the illest podcast in the world... new season, new music, new guests

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